No Hassle Setup Fee

With this one time setup fee of $19.97, we will pre-program any additional accessories (listed below) that you purchase with your kit so you can focus on installing your gate opener. This one time service fee includes pre-programming of any additional Remotes, Wireless Keypads, or the Wireless Vehicle Sensor at the time or your gate opener kit purchase. Now that is convenience.

*This set up fee only applies at the time of a single or dual gate opener kit purchase.

Below are the accessories that can be added in any quantity or combination to your kit and preprogrammed by us for the one time service fee:

  • AXP1 - Premium 5 Button Remote Transmitter

  • AXS1 - Standard 3 Button Remote Transmitter

  • AXR1 - Weather Resistant Remote Transmitter

  • AXWK - Wireless Keypad

  • AXWV - Wireless Vehicle Sensor

* No accessories are included with this setup fee. This is a setup service fee only and requires a kit purchase.